The winter season can bring some of your property's most significant potential damages. While Lightspeed Restoration’s expert technicians are standing by 24/7 to assist with any restoration needs, you can avoid many weather-related damages and protect your home from the costs and inconveniences of post-disaster recovery.

To reduce your risk of damage from extreme weather or limit your need for winter storm recovery, maintain your property before snow, ice, and freezing temperatures arrive. Here are some conditions that could directly impact your property during the coldest months:

  • Weighty Snow and Ice - Snow and ice can cause severe damage to your property, including falling tree limbs and collapsed roofs.
  • Ice Damming - Improper attic insulation can lead to ice dams, which cause interior water damage. Heavy snow melts and refreezes, causing ice to get under the shingles and melt due to warm attic air.
  • Freezing Conditions - Extreme cold temperatures can cause pipes to freeze and break, including interior and exterior pipes such as irrigation lines and garden hoses that are still connected to the home. Homeowners in typically warm areas should know that their interior pipes may not be well insulated or withstand rarely below-freezing temperatures.

How Can You Keep Your Home Safer?

  • Pay Attention to the Pipes - Disconnect garden hoses before freezing weather and winterize your home and irrigation systems to prevent frozen and cracked pipes. During freezing temperatures, keep the faucet running with a slight drip and open cabinet doors under sinks to prevent interior pipes from freezing and allow warm air to circulate plumbing lines.

Lightspeed Restoration Can Help 

Our caring experts are easy to work with, even when stressful and tense. We understand the need for a fast response and offer a reliable arrival time within hours of your first phone call. We have tools and expertise to help with flooding, pipe bursts, ice damming, and other damage winter can cause to your home with our:

  • IICRC-Certified roster of technicians
  • Extraction tools
  • Drying equipment
  • Disinfection and cleaning products

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When winter disasters impact your life, call a team you can trust. You can reach local Lightspeed Restoration professionals by calling our emergency number 24/7 at (800) 620-4009.

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