Soot and Smoke Remediation

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One of our top priorities in providing professional fire restoration services for businesses is to address the dangers posed by soot and smoke. Smoke consists of tiny particles and gasses that can pollute and contaminate the air in your business, leading to health risks. The smoke also produces soot, which can cause additional problems by adhering to various elements in your business and affecting air quality. 


Containing the Soot and Smoke Damaged Areas

The last thing you need is effects from fire damage spreading to more areas of your facility. Containment is a big part of the restoration and remediation process to prevent this from happening through board-up services and temporary barriers. Effective containment will also feature HEPA filtration to improve the air quality of the impacted areas, making them less of a potential hazard so restoration work can start.

Removing Soot from Surfaces

Soot particles are small and intrusive, allowing them to embed easily in soft materials, drywall, and other porous elements. Extinguishing water mixes with soot to create a corrosive reaction, so we prioritize the protection of any surfaces sensitive to corrosion. Cleanup solutions can include: 


  • Sponges – Dry chemical sponges are important when removing dry smoke damage from surfaces. These rubbery products pull soot away from the surface and crumble into manageable pieces for cleanup and removal.    
  • Vacuums – We can remove loose debris and particles on surfaces and flooring with vacuums. HEPA filters in these tools keep the dangerous soot particles from recirculating in the environment during this critical cleanup portion.   
  • Solvents/Degreasers – Porous surfaces may require professional cleaning agents  to loosen and remove surface soot.
  • Abrasive Cleaning – Lightspeed Restoration professionals can use abrasive media under water or air pressure to eliminate the surface buildup of soot soils. 


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