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  Storms can be unpredictable and severely damaging to your business facilities. Trust Lightspeed Restoration to secure your building and protect your assets.

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Our trained team will assess your property's condition. We inspect the roof and work our way to your facility's main floors, determining where our board-up services might be necessary.  

Board-up services may include*:

  • Roof - We begin with tarping over holes or vulnerabilities in your commercial property's roof.  
  • Doors - Entryways ruined by flooding or hurricane damage should be covered and sealed. We create temporary doorways that can be controlled and locked until the opening is fully repaired at later stages of recovery.  
  • Store Windows - Large windows must be covered and secured with plywood and other materials. Panes of shop glass in storefronts require immediate attention, as they provide a point of access and an entry point for further flooding or storm damage. 
  • Temporary Fencing - We place chain link temporary fencing around the property to help protect against intruders.  

Commercial properties and businesses benefit from the swift action of Lightspeed Restoration’s board-up services. When severe storms or hurricanes strike, let us help you secure your structure and protect your assets from further harm. 

*Not all Lightspeed Restoration locations offer board-up services for commercial facilities. 

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