Flood Damage

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When you experience flood damage within your home, it is wise to seek a professional water damage company to begin the restoration process. Our team at Lightspeed Restoration is here to help minimize possible structural issues, ensure everything gets thoroughly dried, and help you get back to your routine faster.


What is Flood Water Damage?

Flood damage in your home of any kind can be a devastating experience, and depending on the situation, it could lead to weeks (if not months) of stress and disruption of your routine. Contacting our flood damage professionals at Lightspeed Restoration will ensure you have a team at your door ready to start the water extraction and drying as soon as possible. We address all sorts of floodwater situations, such as:  

  • Internal flooding that comes from a burst pipe, overflowed tubs or sinks, and appliance malfunctions. 
  • External flooding that originates from rising waters nearby or heavy rainfall during a weather event.

Professional Flood Cleanup with Lightspeed Restoration 

If you experience any kind of flooding in your home, contact our skilled restoration technicians who will quickly arrive for cleanup. We are available 24/7 to address all your emergency water removal needs. Flood loss can be devastating, but the fallout can be lessened the quicker you act to remove standing water.   

  • We will assess your home and all points of water entry, determining the level of damage and contamination. This step allows us to select the best equipment and process to begin your restoration.  
  • Our technicians will remove any unsalvageable items and materials impacted by contaminated water and dispose of them accordingly.  
  • Our water restoration technicians will use powerful extraction tools or pumps to remove as much standing water as possible. 
  • Lightspeed Restoration will use professional dehumidifiers and drying equipment to remove the excess moisture from your home.  
  • All our vehicles are fully stocked with the proper EPA Registered disinfectants or sanitizers to ensure the flood-impacted areas are safe for you and your family to resume daily activities.


At Lightspeed Restoration, we use all the latest technology and advanced procedures to help you resolve your flood damage issues. Our team includes IICRC-certified technicians with in-depth training to handle your emergency call. You should never have to face a flood disaster on your own; call us around the clock to assemble our restoration team when you need us.