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In the aftermath of a fire, the cleanup and restoration of your home may seem like an impossible task. Soot and smoke canSoot and smoke can leave behind black residues, a lingering odor, and even permanent damage to your property if the fire damage restoration process isn't handled properly. 

At Lightspeed Restoration we offer residential soot and smoke removal and remediation services to restore your home  to its prior condition as effectively and efficiently as possible. Our technicians are trained to accurately assess the damage and follow a smoke damage restoration plan suited to your specific situation.

We start the process by addressing the threat in the air because the microscopic size of soot particles can make it a hazard. Our caring experts use HEPA filtration vacuums and air scrubbers to remove impurities and contaminants in the air, creating a safe environment for restoration and limiting the continued damage to surfaces. We prioritize the health of your household following a fire. 

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Types of Smoke Damage and Cleaning Approaches

Lightspeed Restoration technicians are trained to implement different soot removal and smoke remediation solutions depending on the type of damage they encounter. You may be surprised to learn that there are different types of fires, each of which leaves behind its own type of smoke damage.

  • A wet environment, caused by a fire that smolders and produces heavier, wet smoke clouds, can be the most challenging to clean.

  • Dry smoke is the product of a high-heat fire that causes materials to combust and burn rapidly, leaving thin smoke residue behind.

  • In the event of a grease fire, burned proteins leave behind thick soot deposits on nearby surfaces and possibly throughout the entire HVAC system.

Our technicians also know that soot affects everything it touches differently, which means cleaning and restoration services must be adapted accordingly. Non-porous materials like concrete and tile can often be easily cleaned with milder products.

In contrast, porous materials that hold onto fire damage more readily like drywall, carpeting, brick, and clothing require a more thorough approach.

Our professionals use a combination of precisely formulated degreasers and detergents to emulsify or dissolve soot deposits, and even utilize approaches like abrasive cleaning for porous materials dealing with embedded soot damage on a surface level.

In each of these situations, our technicians conduct an assessment and make a plan for effective smoke remediation, removing the lingering smoke odor and cleaning soot damage so you can be confident in the safety of your loved ones when you're ready to come back home.

Our Restoration Process and Techniques 

When you're at your most vulnerable, trust Lightspeed Restoration to take the lead. Our fire damage cleanup process has been carefully developed to effectively restore your home and belongings to their prior condition.

Once our team of technicians arrives at your home, they will first conduct a thorough assessment of the damage. This process includes the evaluation of your home and belongings to determine what can be salvaged and what should be properly discarded as well as an assessment of the scope of the fire, smoke, and water damage. Along the way, our technicians will thoroughly document all the damage, making it easier for you to file an insurance claim.

After our technicians have completed their evaluation, they will begin the restoration process by securing your property. Lightspeed Restoration offers boarding-up services to protect your vulnerable property from any further damage by the elements, wildlife, or even vandals. At this point, Lightspeed Restoration technicians will also remove any debris from the premises for proper disposal. 

Once your home is secured, any salvageable belongings will be removed for proper restoration. Then our technicians will get to work on the demolition of any surface materials that can't be effectively cleaned, such as carpet, drywall, and wallpaper. These materials will be safely disposed of.

Lightspeed Restoration technicians work with commercial drying equipment and dehumidifiers to return the interior of your home to normal levels of humidity. Our technicians are skilled in air duct cleaning, as well as the use of HEPA filtration vacuums and air scrubbers to remove microscopic smoke particles from the air that can be hazardous to your health if inhaled. Restoring the interior air quality (IAQ) also removes the lingering smoke smell, making your house feel more like home again. 

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A house fire is a traumatic event that can leave you feeling unbalanced and anxious. Don't add to the stress by trying to handle the cleaning yourself. Call Lightspeed Restoration as soon as the fire is out and let us get to work to restore your property and get you back ininto your home as quickly as possible. When you call Lightspeed Restoration, our technicians prioritize the health and safety of your household, working effectively and efficiently to fully restore your home and your peace of mind.

Lightspeed Restoration is available 24/7 for emergency services so don't wait; call or schedule an appointment now!

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