Soot & Smoke Remediation

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Soot and smoke can cause structural damage and indoor air quality issues.  Soot can also leave unsightly black residues or permanent damage to home or contents. Lightspeed Restoration offers residential soot and smoke remediation services to restore your property. 

We start the process by addressing the threat in the air because the microscopic size of soot particles can make it a hazard. Our caring experts use HEPA filtration vacuums and air scrubbers to remove impurities and contaminants in the air, creating a safe environment for restoration and limiting the continued damage to surfaces. We prioritize the health of your household following a fire. 

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Types of Smoke Damage and Cleaning Approaches

Your property may face different types of smoke damage, and our trained technicians will implement solutions depending on the damage they encounter. Wet environments, caused by fires that smolder and produce heavier smoke clouds, can be the most challenging to clean. Dry smoke is a product of high-heat fires that cause materials to combust and burn rapidly, leaving thin residues that we manage with various types of cleaning methods. Grease fire residues are burned proteins that form thick and heavy soot deposits on cabinets, countertops, flooring, and other kitchen surfaces and possibly throughout the entire home and HVAC system. 

Our Restoration Process and Techniques 

Soot affects everything it touches differently, and the cleaning approach can vary depending on the surface material. Non-porous materials like concrete and tile are often easily cleaned with mild products. In contrast, porous materials like drywall, carpeting, brick, clothing, and HVAC systems may require a more thorough approach. 

At Lightspeed Restoration, we use HEPA vacuums and other tools to eliminate loose particles without recirculating them throughout your home. Our professionals use a combination of formulated degreasers and detergents to emulsify or dissolve soot deposits and even utilize approaches like abrasive cleaning for porous materials dealing with embedded soot damage where staining or corrosion has not ruined the underlying substrate. 

We conduct a detailed damage assessment of your house and provide a breakdown of each item impacted by spreading soot and smoke residues. We strive to inform you of progress and results and are easy to work with throughout restoration. Call Lightspeed Restoration as soon as the fire is out so we can restore your house and get you back in your home as quickly as possible.