Water Damage FAQs

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Commercial Water Damage FAQs

At Lightspeed Restoration, we understand the challenges you face trying to ensure your commercial property returns to normal after a flood, sewage backup, or other water-related incident. These frequently asked questions may help provide insight into what to expect. As always, our caring and easy-to-work-with technicians are available to address any concerns that may not be listed here.

Multiple factors impact drying time, including the amount of water, possible contamination, and source. We also look at weather conditions, the materials impacted, and how fast restoration services begin after the incident. We will develop a drying plan that will best fit your building. We monitor and evaluate the drying process following IICRC standards and provide timely updates.  

The construction of furnishings and the extent of damage determines salvageability. Many times, furniture must be thoroughly dried before we can give an adequate assessment. All unsalvageable commercial furnishings will be documented, and we will inform you of items that must be disposed of before we take action.  

Not in most cases. We will inform you if items need to be relocated. 

We strongly recommend keeping foot traffic to the bare minimum. In many situations, we put containment barriers up to limit the tracking of moisture and soils into unaffected areas of your commercial property.  

Lightspeed Restoration has a wide selection of professional drying equipment like pumps, extractors, air movers, and dehumidifiers to help us speed up the restoration process, along with the training, experience and expertise needed for water intrusion incidents. Once water damage occurs, moisture seeps into drywall, subflooring, and baseboards, calling for professional-grade moisture detection tools to locate and restore all affected areas.  

Our expert technicians will evaluate interior conditions, adjusting temperatures as needed to facilitate proper drying. We recommend that you consult with your Lightspeed Restoration technician before making any temperature adjustments are made so as not to disturb the drying process or cause cross contamination in unaffected areas. 

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