Odor Removal

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At Lightspeed Restoration, we specialize in post-fire odor removal to help renew your business to its pre-loss condition. We understand that every fire is unique, and odor removal requires a customized plan based on the severity of the situation and the structure of your facility. Our team uses a responsive approach to contain damaged areas and neutralize smoke and burning odors.  


Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) 

Indoor air quality is a top priority for us. We know that after a fire, air quality becomes severely compromised. That's why we provide a custom cleaning approach with HEPA filtration products based on the environmental conditions in your facility. We prioritize IAQ to provide a successful recovery and restoration, and we are always easy to work with. 

 Smoke can circulate through the HVAC system in many areas of your business. Our reliable team evaluates the condition of the system and determines the best approach to accomplish a thorough cleaning. We have industry-leading equipment and products for odor removal and neutralization in your building.

Removing Smoke Odors 

After the source of the odor has been identified and removed, we have industry-leading equipment and products for odor removal and neutralization in your building. Trapping some odors circulating the structure can be achieved with absorbent beads placed in areas of consistent airflow. Several methods can help to lessen the severity of the smoke odors in your business, but the process usually consists of the following:   

  • Fogging – Portable machines create a vapor or mist of deodorants that penetrate porous surfaces and help neutralize odors absorbed into building materials. 
  • Hydroxyl Generator – An onboard HEPA filtration system can reduce contaminates while using UV cleaning to destroy volatile organic compounds. 
  • Ozone Machine – This device creates an O3 molecule that destroys odor compounds.

A Fresh Start for Your Business

 Odor removal is often just a small step in the process. We include thorough cleaning and deodorization, leaving your business with a clean and fresh smell. Deep and lingering odors can be a concern, but with our innovative equipment and trained professionals, you can be sure that we will restore your facility to its pre-loss condition. 

 At Lightspeed Restoration, we want to give you a fresh start for your business. We know that odors can keep you from returning to normal after a fire disaster. Our team is always ready to assist you; we are only a phone call away.