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It is nearly impossible to foresee water-related emergencies since they can arise in the middle of the night, during the day when you are at work, or even when your family is on vacation. Lightspeed Restoration is available for professional water extraction services to get any impacted areas of your house back to pre-damage condition.  

At Lightspeed Restoration, our reliable team of experts follows a straightforward, efficient process for handling flooding, burst or frozen pipes, significant spills, appliance leaks, and more. Our technicians use advanced restoration equipment for water removal, including professional water extraction equipment, pumps, and other crucial tools to get the job done correctly.   


Getting You Back on Track After Water Damage

Timing is everything, whether you have substantial standing water from a broken pipe under your sink or water from a flood. To minimize potential water damage effects, it is imperative that restoration begin as soon as possible. When left untreated, moisture penetrates drywall, flooring, ceilings, and other porous materials, making correcting it more involved and costly.  

Our team extracts water to help keep moisture from spreading. The remaining water in your home and property will be addressed using evaporation methods with restoration-specific air movers and professional dehumidifiers.

Full Water Damage Restoration Services 

Our water restoration professionals address moisture migration to help eliminate the chances of costly secondary damage and harmful mold growth.  

Potential areas we may need to inspect using moisture detection tools include:  

  • Flooring 
  • Staircases 
  • Baseboards 
  • Walls 
  • Carpet padding 
  • Underneath cabinetry 

Once Lightspeed Restoration’s team completes water remediation services, we begin the drying phase. Everything is done to ensure your home is returned to pre-water event condition.  

Timing is critical when you need water extraction. Hiring an expert team early minimizes mold development and further damage so that you can protect your family and your home’s contents. Contact us today so that we can address your residential water extraction needs.  

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