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Areas within your commercial establishment, such as restrooms and cafeterias, can quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Therefore, sanitization is essential whether your commercial establishment is a hotel, corporate office, retail store, or medical office. The microbes don’t just affect surfaces but can also spread into the air, affecting indoor air quality (IAQ). Lightspeed Restoration offers dependable commercial sanitization services for routine maintenance or in unique circumstances when your facility is affected by chemical exposure or biological agents. 

 lightspeed restoration for Commercial-IAQ-Sanitization

Most sanitization processes require heat or chemicals to neutralize pollutants. Help from our Lightspeed Restoration team includes:  

  • Identifying safe and effective treatments 
  • Ensuring proper application for maximum reach 
  • Applying appropriate amounts to neutralize contaminants

Essential Commercial Sanitization for Better IAQ

Most pollutants settle on surfaces, whether an elevator button, countertop, or a highly trafficked floor area of your property. Proper reach is critical for sanitization to work as expected. Our Lightspeed Restoration crews use reliable methods such as electrostatic spraying to spread sanitizing chemicals evenly around your premises. The sprayer creates positively charged atomized particles that help the chemicals electromagnetically cling to surfaces producing an even coat without saturating them. 

We want to assist you in reducing bacteria and viruses at your commercial establishment! At Lightspeed Restoration, we have a highly-trained team that can help sanitize your property. You will find us easy to work with and ready to deliver efficient solutions. 

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