Disaster FAQs

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Residential Disaster FAQs

Questions and concerns are common when your home suffers damage from severe storms, floods, or hurricanes. At Lightspeed Restoration, our expert team helps from beginning to end, including explaining the processes of cleanup and recovery. 

As stressful as disasters can be, it is vital to have a plan. The quicker you call Lightspeed Restoration, the faster our caring team can begin helping you with mitigation and securing your house. It’s also important to call your insurance provider to get the damage claim process moving.  

Lightspeed Restoration’s reliable technicians help with storm recovery and hurricane response. We can perform all needed actions to get homes back to pre-storm condition, including initial board-up and repairs.  

Even with the responsive approach of Lightspeed Restoration, cleanup may take days to weeks to complete depending on the damage. Our team is easy to work with, so we are upfront about our timelines and transparent with expected completion times. Call Lightspeed Restoration as soon as possible to get your assessment started. 

Insurance coverage greatly depends on your policy and provider, so contacting them quickly after disasters is imperative to know what to expect. We work with providers in the area to meet their requirements for damage claim approval to get cleanup expedited 

Our caring and reliable team is always available to alleviate your concerns during this stressful time. Our experts are standing by and ready to help wherever and whenever disaster strikes. Call Lightspeed Restoration to get the process started.