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After a fire, board-up services are crucial to ensure the safety and integrity of your business structure and assets. Board-up services are designed to secure your business from intrusion by the elements or unauthorized visitors until restoration is complete. At Lightspeed Restoration, we understand the stress and anxiety that comes with a fire and the damage it can cause to your business. That's why we prioritize what matters most to you and protect your valued assets. Our responsive professionals install sturdy and robust materials to cover openings. 

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Board-Up During Mitigation

Mitigation is an immediate action to protect your business and structure from further harm. With missing display windows along the face of your storefront or destroyed doorways, there is an immediate need to seal up the workspace to deter criminal activity or further damage from the elements. 

Our reliable team takes the following steps during the board-up process: 

  • Roof - The first step is to cover any roof damage with tarps to prevent water access that could make cleanup and restoration more difficult and costly. 
  • Doors - Doorways are sealed using plywood and lumber, reducing the entrance points to your commercial property while restoration and recovery are underway. 
  • Windows - Storefront windows receive immediate attention with plywood panels and reinforcing framework to create a stable temporary solution. 
  • Created Openings - Firefighting efforts can lead to missing windows or cut-in holes in the structure for direct access with hoses or ventilation of heat and smoke. We can seal over these openings with plywood. 
  • Temporary Fencing - We utilize chain-link metal fencing to create a barrier around your damaged business as an additional layer of protection during restoration. 

Lightspeed board-up services go beyond protecting your business from vandals or would-be thieves. Sealed structural openings keep external forces like rain and wind from causing more damage to the property. 

Board-up services are essential to protect your business and its inventory. If your business has experienced a fire, call Lightspeed Restoration as soon as possible to begin the restoration process.  

*Some locations may not offer this service. 

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