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After a destructive storm, you need experienced and caring professionals to 
manage beginning-to-end recovery and cleanup for your business. Getting your business up and running again after storm damage is urgent. With Lightspeed Restoration’s skilled professionals available 24/7, we can quickly restore your business and operations. Our restoration team addresses your priorities and concerns to create a custom mitigation plan and immediately begin containment and emergency services. 

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Assessment and Board-Up 

Lightspeed Restoration professionals will assess the condition of your business upon arrival. We use this inspection to catalog damage and help document loss for your insurance company. 
We offer board-up services to protect and secure your facility after a storm. This initial line of defense prevents further damage from harsh weather conditions and possible vandalism or intruders. We seal damaged windows, doors, and roof openings using sturdy tarps and materials.

Extraction and Cleaning 

Eliminating standing water is the priority of our Lightspeed Restoration professionals. We have several extraction devices to help, including professional grade pumps, extraction equipment,  and specialty tools. Then we remove debris, mud, and other solids brought in with floodwater or created by storm damage. With powerful cleaners, we can disinfect and/or sanitize hard surfaces exposed to contaminants and use products to limit mold development.   

Storm damage can happen with little warning, so having the right restoration partner ensures a speedy and proper recovery. Lightspeed Restoration professionals provide comprehensive solutions for your business’s recovery from the moment you call. 

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When you experience a fire or water emergency, you need rapid response. Lightspeed Restoration is standing by 24/7 to take your call and help you get back to normal as quickly as possible. Call us now to schedule service!

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