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Odors are an everyday occurrence. But when they are too strong or take longer to dissipate, they can cause discomfort. Bad smells are warning signs of a potentially compromised environment. We understand the frustrations of a property manager combating recurrent or deeply embedded smells that don’t seem to go away. Resolving odors helps reassure your staff or clients of good indoor air quality (IAQ). Lightspeed Restoration offers reliable odor-removal solutions that tackle offensive odors, volatile sources, and airborne materials.  

Lightspeed Restoration’s trained technicians can help probe the odor’s implications on indoor air quality and what level of odor remediation is necessary. For ordinary smells from restrooms, highly trafficked areas like hallways and stairwells, industrial kitchens, or HVAC systems, we implement appropriate masking agents for temporary relief and work diligently to neutralize all sources. When odors originate from chemicals or biological agents, more significant action may be needed, including setting up airtight barriers to safeguard your business. 

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Our Odor Removal Approaches 

Odor removal requires proper control to avoid introducing new pollutants. Lightspeed Restoration is a reliable partner with our responsive approach to your odor issue. Our thermal fogging equipment vaporizes safe and effective deodorizers to produce a thick fog that penetrates all areas where smoke odor is embedded. We also have ventilation equipment that pushes air at a high velocity, helping clear the fog from your premises and leaving clear air. 

For water-related odors, we use methods to apply chemicals without saturating materials. Wet fogging with ultra-low volume (ULV) foggers is one such solution since it produces a fine mist allowing penetration without saturation. We can also avoid applying any products directly by using hydroxyl and ozone generators which alter odors chemically through oxidation. Our caring professionals also run air filtration devices fitted with HEPA filters and activated charcoal after completing other odor removal procedures, thus clearing remnants of air pollutants. 

Is there an odor at your commercial premises? Lightspeed Restoration can help you resolve it.  


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