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Sewage spills are of significant concern to any commercial property owner. These incidents come from various plumbing issues and other causes like damaged septic tanks, drainpipe blockages, flooding, or a backflow within the wastewater collection system. Lightspeed Restoration is here for all your commercial sewage removal and restoration needs, 24/7! 

Once a sewage emergency develops, not only is your building at risk of substantial damage but also the health of the occupants in your building. Exposure to wastewater's dangerous bacteria and pathogens can lead to severe health concerns.  You can always count on Lightspeed Restoration for quick response, which is especially important in situations like this. 

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Reliable Commercial Sewage Removal Service 

There are countless reasons to entrust your business to our team. including: 

  • Expertise and Experience: Lightspeed Restoration handles any sewage overflow emergency in your commercial property expertly.  
  • Professional Restoration Equipment: We use advanced tools and quality equipment to minimize damage and limit contamination. 
  • Trained Experts: Our team includes caring technicians who will do their job with the utmost integrity while following the highest industry and safety standards. 
  • Restoration Results: You can feel confident in our ability to work within your schedule, doing our best to restore your commercial building to its original condition as quickly as possible.  

Here is a glimpse at why so many business owners put their trust in the services that we provide at Lightspeed Restoration: 

  • Caring, honest, and client-centered approach 
  • Thorough commercial property inspection  
  • Complete transparency and fair pricing for all services 

Know the Advantages of Our Commercial Sewage Removal Services 

A commercial sewage cleanup project eliminates all contaminated water from a commercial building. We will work to minimize the impact of a sewage overflow, and then remove and clean residues left behind by the wastewater overflow.  

You can count on Lightspeed Restoration to provide a wide range of emergency services, including sewage removal. We mitigate all further damage to your property, thus protecting your assets and helping you get back into business sooner