Disaster Response FAQs

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To request a service call you only need to fill out the form below. We will contact you via phone, email, or text to confirm the best appointment time. You will receive an email confirming your service request.

Emergency Service Needed

Phone to call or Call Now (800) 620-4009

After damage from a severe storm, you may have questions and concerns about restoration to your property. We help create a custom plan for your business so that your operations are resumed as soon as possible.

Fast action is critical to your facility after a storm loss. Reach out to Lightspeed Restoration 24/7 for emergency response, and then contact your insurance provider right away. 

Lightspeed Restoration completes mitigation and cleanup. We have beginning-to-end services encompassing all restoration and recovery of your business needs after disasters. We are experts in storm recovery, hurricane response, and flood remediation.  

Our expert team works to minimize downtime for your business with our emergency services. Lightspeed Restoration technicians can contain damaged areas to minimize cross-contamination and provide partial functionality of your office when possible. 

The expected costs of storm damage cleanup vary depending on several factors, including how much commercial property is impacted and needs recovery. Our transparent pricing makes us easy to work with, and we work with your insurance provider to streamline the recovery process.