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Once a fire has damaged your residence, your home’s vulnerabilities must be addressed immediately with board-up services. Lightspeed Restoration will assess your property’s condition quickly. We install temporary barriers to deter intruders, prevent vandalism, and keep weather events from further damaging your home. 

Board-up helps secure your property so that we can continue with other services needed to get your home back to normal, such as fire damage restoration, content pack-out, and odor removal. 

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Boarding Up Property

Board-up services are often needed as an immediate temporary solution after a fire. Combustion alone can destroy wood framing and break glass. First responders must often act quickly to begin ventilating smoke and heat from the structure, which could require the removal of doors, windowpanes, or roof portions for fire hose access. 

Lightspeed Restoration understands the stresses of seeing your damaged home, so we are committed to making the restoration process as easy as possible. Mitigating structural damage begins first with securing your home with board-up solutions. We work from the roof down to eliminate external elements impacting the restoration process: 

  • Roof – Tarping can temporarily cover openings in a roof caused by a fire. 
  • Forced Openings – Plywood and other solid materials secure any openings created during firefighting efforts. 
  • Windows – Missing windows are covered entirely with plywood or OSB and securely fastened to the frame with screws. 
  • Doors – Missing doors can welcome intruders or pests. We cover these openings with stable, resistant materials while our responsive team begins cleanup. 

Board-up services are the first line of defense to protect your fire-damaged home after first responders leave. Lightspeed Restoration will respond quickly with board-up services to help protect your home and belongings so the restoration process can begin.  

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