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Mold is not just unsightly; it damages your home’s building materials and contents, including furniture and fabrics. It also degrades air quality with its musty smell. As mold removal and remediation experts, Lightspeed Restoration understands the many ways that mold contamination impacts your home.

You can identify mold’s effect on materials because of the stains, patches, and rot-like deterioration. Even when hidden, mold significantly impacts indoor air quality. Lightspeed Restoration is standing by to provide the mold removal and remediation you need. A professional mold remediation company like Lightspeed Restoration helps limit the spread of mold colonies and the breakdown of materials - two aspects that contribute to air pollutants by releasing volatile organic compounds and particulate matter.



Effective Mold Remediation Techniques  

  • Locating structural and plumbing leaks 
  • Drying wet materials 
  • Controlling humidity levels 
  • Applying antimicrobial   

Many of the processes our experts use to limit mold proliferation also indirectly help the air quality at your home. For example, high humidity makes odors more noticeable, so drying wet areas and controlling humidity levels also reduces smells. Our crews are easy to work with and are adept at the most proven methods.

The mold colonies developing on surfaces and contents within your home from will only worsen if left untreated. Removing damaged structural materials like insulation or drywall helps complete mold removal. Our responsive teams take all possible steps to contain mold debris and spores.


Our mold cleanup procedures are designed to tackle even the most severe mold infestation, ensuring a safe environment free from harmful mold exposure. Addressing a mold problem promptly helps prevent long-term health risks associated with mold exposure and saves significant costs related to extensive mold damage repair.

  • We identify and contain areas with suspected contamination through a carefully executed mold inspection.
  • We use directional mold cleanup methods, such as top to bottom on walls.
  • We use HEPA vacuum surfaces to remove settled mold spores and other fine debris.
  • We use safe and effective antimicrobials on impacted areas that will prevent any further mold growth.

We fix the root of the problem by removing mold from surfaces and materials. We also have supplementary solutions such as air filtration devices that extract particulate matter and odor molecules from the air. Our equipment, layered with different filters, including activated charcoal and HEPA filters, is highly effective in addressing various pollutants in the air.

If there are toxic mold spores on your property from water damage, you can rely on Lightspeed Restoration for expert mold removal and remediation services to improve your indoor air quality. Call us today to assist with your mold issues.

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