Water Damage FAQs

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Residential Water Damage FAQs

Regardless of the cause, residential water damage is a stressful experience for any property owner. If it isn’t addressed quickly, minor issues can turn into mold growth and other significant concerns like structural damage. As trained water damage restoration experts, Lightspeed Restoration comes across many questions related to water damage cleanup and our processes. These are just some of the more common concerns homeowners have when faced with a water-related incident:

Some of the calls we receive most often include water-related issues from faulty appliances, burst pipes, hidden water leaks, storm damage, and overflowing sinks, tubs, and toilets.

First steps include: 

  • Stop the water source if it is safe to do so 
  • Take pictures and video of the damage for insurance claim purposes
  • The most critical course of action is to act quickly. Call our water damage experts at Lightspeed Restoration 

Our experienced, trained water damage technicians perform a detailed inspection and assessment of your property to determine the best equipment and methods for extraction and drying of your home’s structure and contents. We will develop a drying plan using the latest technology and drying equipment to help return your property to pre-loss condition. 

We recommend that you contact your agent or carrier as soon as possible. They can provide details on your coverage. Lightspeed Restoration as a courtesy will work with your insurance representative to help provide any information needed to help with the claim process. 

The impact of water damage can be severe, and if it goes unnoticed, it can bring on structural damage and potentially hazardous mold growth. The best plan of action is to contact our reliable, responsive team at Lightspeed Restoration to begin the cleanup process.

If water seeps into your walls, it can deteriorate the structure and allow mold colony formation. We use the most advanced moisture detection tools to locate all areas of hidden moisture and to facilitate a drying plan.  

Lightspeed Restoration’s trained technicians can help locate and eradicate hidden water damage problems. We use state-of-the-art moisture meters and thermal imaging technology to find problem areas fast. 

The length of your project depends on several factors, including the severity of the damage, the level of contamination, and the materials/contents impacted. We work diligently to return your home to pre-damage condition as quickly as possible following industry standards so you can get back to enjoying your daily routine. 

Yes, if the water damage is mitigated quickly and the source of the water is not highly contaminated. 

Lightspeed Restoration uses the latest moisture sensing technology to determine moisture content and review your options for restoration or replacement. We have a wide variety of drying equipment, such as drying mats, that can help to remove moisture and restore the wood flooring to its normal moisture content.

We are here to answer all the questions you have about the restoration process. Our caring and responsive team at Lightspeed Restoration is happy to help with all your water extraction and drying needs. Call us 24/7 for an emergency response to remove standing water and restore your home to normal again.