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Offensive odors in your home can be an indicator that your indoor air quality (IAQ) is deteriorating. While bad smells can be unpleasant, other aspects of poor IAQ are more harmful. At Lightspeed Restoration, we understand the importance of your family's comfort and safety, which is why we use highly effective odor removal approaches to contain the sources and neutralize odor molecules. 


Tracing Odor Origins for Long-term IAQ Improvement 

Bad smells may indicate chemical and biological processes, or even the presence of foreign substances within your home. Identifying the cause is one reliable way our expert crews trace odor sources. Incidents such as fire, flooding, and water damage create strong odors, each of which requires different solutions for odor removal. Odors in your house may also develop from other sources like hidden mold development. Investigating the source of the odors can help us understand the issue and address it more effectively. 

Lightspeed Restoration resolves deodorization challenges through: 

  • A thorough and detailed assessment 
  • Physical removal of odor sources 
  • Neutralizing odor molecules 
  • Addressing irremovable sources 

Our multi-pronged deodorization approach controls odors and addresses other pollutants, restoring your home's indoor air quality. We use masking agents for instant relief when necessary. Practical masking agents, such as scented beads or deodorant granules and pellets, help absorb smells. 

Neutralizing Odor Sources 

Our expert crews understand that neutralizing rather than concealing odor sources is better for indoor air quality in the long term. Solid materials can deceive you yet act as odor reservoirs that continue to pollute indoor air. Odor molecules penetrate porous and semi-porous materials, such as wood and concrete. Offsetting such sources requires effective solutions, which is why Lightspeed Restoration invests in advanced deodorization technologies like: 

  • Ozone generators - machines that produce unstable oxygen gas that reacts chemically with odor molecules. 
  • Hydroxyl generators - devices that shine UV light on a titanium dioxide surface, producing hydroxyl radicals that help break down odor molecules through oxidation. 
  • Thermal foggers - delivery systems that change the state of deodorizing products for deeper penetration into materials. Thermal foggers vaporize petroleum and solvent-based deodorizers, reaching all areas. 
  • Ultra-low volume misters - devices that work with water-based deodorizers, allowing better penetration of the agents to fight odors trapped in porous areas. 

Lightspeed Restoration strives to provide reliable and expert odor removal services to improve your IAQ. Call Lightspeed Restoration to assess and treat your odor concerns today. 

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