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After a damaging storm, it is important to secure your property to prevent further damage. Lightspeed Restoration offers board-up and tarping services that provide temporary solutions for holes and openings in your home. With our expertise you can count on our fast response, reliability, and proficiency to help. 

lightspeed restoration for Residential-Disaster-Boardup

Overview of Board-Up Services  

Emergency services are essential in preventing further damage to your home after a natural disaster or severe storm. Some of these services include: 

  • Covering Missing Windows/Doors – Lightspeed Restoration professionals work quickly to temporarily seal any openings created by broken or missing windows and doors. Plywood coverings nailed or screwed into stable backing materials are often the preferred approach. 
  • Roof Tarping – Severe storms, debris, or fallen trees can destroy portions of your roof. Tarping temporarily keeps water from entering the attic and other areas of your home and allows the drying and cleaning of these wet spaces to begin. 
  • Temporary Fencing – Fencing prevents people and animals from intruding into your home after a natural disaster.  

Board-Up Services After Disasters  

When we arrive, we will meet with you to discuss your home needs and develop a board-up service plan to prevent further damage to the structure. Board-up services help in several ways: 

  • Keep Out Elements – Board-up services eliminate the risk of external elements amplifying the damage in your household, such as rainfall, runoff, moisture, and winds.   
  • Prevent Infestations – Holes in your home, from missing windows to doorways, can leave your property vulnerable to infestations of rodents or insects. Sealed openings significantly reduce the likelihood of this occurring. 
  • Allow Restoration to Begin – Proper temporary construction solutions allow restoration and recovery work to begin, eliminating the threat of prolonged damage. 

Natural disasters, like powerful storms, floods, and other threats, can strike without warning. Our fast response helps prevent secondary damage while giving you peace of mind during the restoration process.