Water Damage Restoration

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Water damage can be devastating to your business. Even minor damage could lead you to shut down operations for an extended period. When left untreated, these situations can bring long-term issues and the onset of hazardous mold contamination. At Lightspeed Restoration, we understand that business interruption equals lost revenue, which is why you need our responsive, expert crews to get you back to business sooner! 

Our skilled water restoration technicians at Lightspeed Restoration can quickly mobilize and provide the services to meet the needs of all our commercial water damage restoration customers. We are just a quick phone call away and trained to help our local companies recover quickly after any water-related disaster.


About Commercial Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration

Whether you are dealing with plumbing leaks, sewage backups, flooding, burst pipes, or a leaking fixture in a breakroom, professional restoration is imperative to reverse the problem and restore the property to a pre-damaged condition.  

The Lightspeed Restoration Commercial Water Damage Approach 

Each water scenario is unique, yet the cleanup and restoration process remains the same. Our Lightspeed Restoration technicians follow a straightforward process designed to help our customers. 

  • Call us and let us know about the project, and we will send a crew for inspection and assessment.  
  • Our team then works through mitigation, water cleanup, and thorough disinfection or sanitizing before moving into repair and restoration.  
  • We remove all standing water, address any mold or contamination, and get you back to business as quickly as possible. 

Our reliable, responsive commercial restoration team is just a phone call away – and we are available 24/7! 


The Four Classes of Water Intrusion

Our IICRC-certified technicians will assess the water incident to determine the contamination levels and the intrusion class. This step means looking at humidity levels and their impact on our drying processes. We do this by specifying the overall amount of intrusion. 

  • Class 1 – This often involves a small portion of your business property based on total square footage, evaporation properties, and the materials affected.  
  • Class 2 – This encompasses a larger area of your company, usually up to 40%, and has low evaporation properties based on materials impacted. 
  • Class 3 – This is a sizable amount of water damage that reaches over 40% of the area and has low evaporation properties. 
  • Class 4 – This is the worst-case scenario for any business owner and involves significant water infiltration and damage over an expansive area. An example would be significant water absorption to materials like plaster, wood, concrete, masonry, multilayer drywall and multilayer subfloors. 

The good news is that with any size commercial or industrial property, Lightspeed Restoration has all the training and equipment necessary to handle your project. Some of the equipment we bring to address your restoration include the following: 

  • Thermal imaging cameras to quickly identify areas for potential water damage  
  • Moisture meters for moisture detection 
  • Extraction units and pumps for water removal services 
  • Professional drying equipment which includes air movers, and dehumidifiers 
  • HEPA Filtered Air scrubbers, EPA registered disinfectant and sanitizing products, and other tools to remove airborne particles and contaminants 


Enjoy the Lightspeed Restoration Advantage

Your local Lightspeed Restoration team thoroughly understands water intrusion and how moisture moves throughout your commercial property. Our training and industry knowledge are pivotal for handling restoration projects. We are available around the clock with the expertise and equipment to get you back to business.  

Please don’t wait; get the results your business needs with our expert team at Lightspeed Restoration. We care about your business, your bottom line, and your employees. Reach out to us whenever you require assistance with commercial water damage.