Storm Cleanup

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Disasters can occur at any time, catching you off guard. Lightspeed Restoration offers reliable, responsive commercial storm cleanup services for your business. We will respond quickly to assess and restore your property from storm damage so that you can resume your operations as soon as possible.  

Our Lightspeed Restoration technicians are well-versed in the multitude of damages that can occur due to a storm. We act quickly and efficiently in the aftermath of a tornado, hailstorm, hurricane, or thunderstorm. We immediately assess the damage, form a thorough plan and begin the restoration of your facility. 


The Commercial Storm Cleanup Process

When you contact our 24/7 call center, we will gather your information and the details of your situation, then deploy a team as soon as possible for initial inspection and assessment. Our technicians will begin commercial storm damage remediation, removing debris, and extracting water. 


Understanding the Impact of Each Type of Storm 

The geological location of your business may influence the types of storms that your structure is most vulnerable to. Our crew is well-versed in all the following: 

  • Rain: In many cases, rain is not a concerning factor for most property owners. However, heavy or extended periods of rain may result in flooding that requires emergency extraction. 
  • Wind: Strong or straight-line winds can cause catastrophic damage to a structure. This can include broken windows, damaged or removed roofing materials, exterior wall damage, and interior damage, depending on the severity of impact. 
  • Hail: Small hail does not always result in noticeable damage; however, large hail often results in damages that require repair. 

Lightspeed Restoration is an excellent choice when you require commercial storm cleanup and restoration assistance. Our experts are available 24/7 and have the expertise and training needed to aid in the aftermath of these events. We customize our action plan to the needs of all businesses and deliver safe and top-tier restorations, no matter the severity of your case.