If you are purchasing a new home, it is vital to consider a mold inspection service to protect this new investment. With the typical house on the market at such a high cost, adding a small expense ensures that what you are buying is clear of issues. A competent mold inspector, such as our Lightspeed Restoration team, can identify invisible mold growth and track hidden problems that could surface weeks or months after closing. 

Is Mold a Threat to Your New Home Right Now?  

Mold inspection for Glen Allen properties can make a difference in the comfort you experience in your new property. Existing issues can become a physical hazard for your family or the structural integrity of the residence itself. Because our Lightspeed Restoration team can conduct mold inspection services, we can help you put your mind at ease and resolve issues through remediation if necessary.  

Our methods go beyond a basic visual inspection of the surface materials to comprehensively solve possible problems. Our approach is thorough, involving various possible analyses, including air sampling, moisture testing, and even wall cavity inspection. In some more advanced cases or situations where more information is necessary, our Lightspeed team might also consider elements like borescope camera inspections or thermal imaging to track moisture and issues without controlled demolition.  

What Happens If Mold Gets Discovered?  

While you have arrangements you can make with the person or entity selling the property to you, the work itself is well within the capabilities of our experts at Lightspeed Restoration. Remediation service is the natural next step after a positive result in a mold inspection, and this can involve several processes that should begin promptly:  

  • Containment – temporary construction and barriers to slow or stop the spread of mold organisms. 

  • Surface Cleaning – products to eradicate surface mold spores and organisms. 

  • Abrasives – media shot under pressure at surfaces to destroy surface and embedded mold damage to protect the substrate. 

  • Repairs – demolition, reconstruction, and emergency repairs needed surrounding remediation. 

Lightspeed Can Help You Through It All  

We are there after the first call you make for our thorough inspection services, which produce a detailed and honest record of the state of your property. When you face mold damage and spreading organisms, we are there again with fast and reliable remediation services to protect the structure, its contents, and, most importantly, your family. You can count on us when you call Lightspeed Restoration of Richmond West at (804) 335-1150.

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