Mitigation is one of the earliest recovery stages for local properties suffering burst pipes, leaks, and flooding. Experienced professionals with the right tools must arrive immediately to begin discharging water from the affected areas and protecting the structural integrity of your home and its contents as much as possible. Regardless of how the water got there, Lightspeed Restoration can help you with time-sensitive tasks like extraction and containment. 

The Many Methods of Water Removal 

Just like you can’t put a square peg in a round hole, not every piece of equipment is suitable for water mitigation in Short Pump, Virginia properties. Part of the process for our educated experts is determining what your home needs and how to get vital extraction, content recovery, and containment measures started immediately. This assessment is fast but thorough. Our Lightspeed team arrives with service vehicles stocked with several possible options to begin water removal efforts, including: 

  • Vacuums

Wet vacuums have a limited storage capacity inside the unit but can be excellent for tight spaces, inaccessible areas, or situations where there is no excessive standing water. They are an essential component of most water recovery situations. Though small in profile, they can have several attachments to eliminate the remnants of pooling. 

  • Pumps

Most of these versatile components of our equipment inventory do not use electricity or very little, allowing us to continue other recovery options when running on generators. These units work by submerging the unit itself or an intake hose into the standing water and discharging to an available drain or outside the structure. 

  • Special Tools 

Because we are restoration and mitigation specialists, we also have special tools in our inventory for specific extraction purposes. Carpet wands, for example, pull moisture out of saturated carpets and padding to save damaged flooring before focused drying starts. Similarly, we can employ devices like drying mats to draw out moisture trapped in wood flooring to avoid mold growth or warping the material.

Lightspeed Mobilizes Fast to Help

Water mitigation must happen within hours of the incident, as every minute counts when protecting your home and belongings from permanent water damage. With our emergency response time and 24/7 availability, Lightspeed Restoration of Richmond West is a trusted name that can help you overcome the worst a disaster can do and quickly get life back to normal. Call us anytime at (804) 335-1150.

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