Here we are, January 2024 and the winter storms have struck again! It isn't unusual for the Prince William County and Fredericksburg area to see temperatures that are freezing or below in winter, but when we have several days of it there is a serious risk of pipes freezing. As uncomfortable as a frozen pipe situation can be, worse still is when things thaw and you realize your home or business is flooding due to a burst pipe! 


If you have a home in Northern Virginia this week whether it's in Fredericksburg, Prince William County or even up to Arlington and Fairfax, here are some essential tips for coming out of a several-day freeze:


- Walk around both the inside and outside of the home checking inside cabinets and under the deck or in the crawlspace looking for wet spots or puddles.
- If you have a sump pump, check on it to make sure all parts are functioning properly. In winter, freezes can often be followed by rain storms so you want to be sure it's working!
- Some burst pipes can be quite explosive and you can easily see the aftermath where the drywall has become saturated and collapsed.
- If you find water coming from a burst pipe, find the water cutoff valve and turn off the flow of water to prevent further damage.
- If you are a realtor or property manager, be sure to check on any houses or units that are currently unoccupied. The last thing you want is to not be aware that a pipe has burst and have the water sitting for days or longer.
- Call an IICRC certified water damage restoration company like Lightspeed Restoration of Alexandria & Fairfax ASAP. The sooner we get to you to start water extraction and drying from the flood, the more easily we can prevent the onset of mold.
- Call your insurance compay!

If your home or business experiences flooding from a burst pipe, call us right away. It is essential to start the water extraction and drying process as soon as possible to prevent the onset of mold. We work with your insurance company to provide them all the data they need to process your claim, making the process less stressful for you! 

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