Meet Fairfax, VA’s Best Fire & Water Damage Restoration Technician

You’re a homeowner, so it goes without saying your property isn’t just a structure of floors, walls, windows, and ceilings that are built to protect you and provide shelter.  It’s your retreat. It's the space you come home to gather in comfort where memories are made, and it serves as a testament to all your hard work.  However, when storm damage and water leak disasters occur, your comfortable retreat can quickly turn into a stressful situation.  It’s during these challenging times you need a restoration company whose technicians you can trust.  A technician who understands the importance of your home and is committed to restoring it to the original retreat you created it to be.

Lightspeed Restoration is proud to introduce a true professional in the field of fire and water damage restoration.  Gabriel Peterson is a dedicated individual who has not only earned the trust of countless homeowners in the local Alexandria & Fairfax, VA community but has also been honored as the recipient of the prestigious 2023 Inaugural Technician Award by Restoration and Remediation Magazine.  Here’s some of the top reasons that make Gabe, as we like to call him, Fairfax, VA’s best fire and water damage technician you can trust, with confidence, when you need water damage restoration and repair:

Commitment To Excellence

There’s no doubting Gabe’s commitment to excellence.  When a water damage disaster strikes, you need a fire and water damage repair company with a technician like Gabe who understands the urgency of the situation and responds promptly.  Gabe goes above and beyond to ensure your home is taken care of with a professional restoration clean up.

Proven Expertise

The fire and water damage restoration process demands expertise of the complexities that come when dealing with fire and water damage, especially in emergency situations!  Gabe holds a wealth of knowledge and experience with a track record that supports some of the most successful restoration services in the Alexandria and Fairfax community.  At Lightspeed Restoration, we recognize Gabe’s expertise, as he must ensure that your home is in capable hands.  We know the importance of giving you much needed peace of mind during the damage restoration process. 

Trust and Reliability

Trust is key for homeowners dealing with emergency disasters like when freezing pipes burst and you’ve got flooded floors around your home.  Gabe consistently demonstrates reliability and trustworthiness to homeowners we serve in or near Alexandria and Fairfax.  Gabe will handle your home damage with the best clean up and repair process, from initial assessment to all the final touches that leave your home as a safe, clean retreat again.  

Safety First Approach

Safety is of top priority when it comes to fire and water damage restoration services in any of our Alexandria and Fairfax neighbors’ homes, and you’ll be pleased to know Gabe prioritizes safety at every step in the damage clean up process.  To obtain the best possible results for you, Lightspeed Restoration trains each team member to a standard that is unmatched.  That’s why you’ll find we offer the best water and fire damage restoration process in Virginia.  We are proud to acknowledge Gabe’s award-winning status because he represents us in his work ethics.  Gabe focuses on adhering to industry best practices and uses the latest technologies to ensure a secure and hazard-free restoration process.  You can rest assured that your well-being is carefully minded from the very beginning of your restoration clean up service.  

2023 Inaugural Technician Award Winner

The most important reason is Gabe’s recent recognition of the 2023 Inaugural Technician Award Winner by Restore and Remediation Magazine.  This shows as a testament to Gabe’s outstanding contribution to the field of fire and water damage restoration.  By choosing Lightspeed, you are entrusting your home to a restoration industry leader who is recognized by peers and experts alike.  


At the end of the day, when you’re faced with the challenges of fire and water damage to your home, your retreat deserves the best there is.  We’re happy to offer the best restoration services for homeowners in Alexandria and Fairfax, VA.  Gabe not only meets but exceeds the standards for a reliable, trustworthy, and expert restoration professional.  We're happy to celebrate and share the news about Gabe being the recipient of the 2023 Inaugural Technician Award! All of us at Lightspeed Restoration Alexandria & Fairfax are thrilled to have him as a leader on our team.

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