Can Water Damage Leaks Cause Mold? 

Whether you just bought a new home and storm damage caused a serious water leak in your bathroom, you’ve owned a condo for more than 10 years and every time it rains you get leaking in your unit, or the roof is leaking in your corporate building, you need the best water damage repair experts nearby.  Lightspeed Restoration are the best professional water cleanup experts near Alexandria and Fairfax, VA with a team dedicated to get the cleanup done quickly.  

Handling Water Damage Leaks Fast

It’s important to handle any water damage leaks as fast as possible so you don’t have to deal with...mold.  One of the questions we get asked the most is if water damage leaks cause mold?

The answer: Yes!

Dampness From Water Damage

Damaged drywall and insulation can leave your home or building smelling of mildew and dampness.  Dampness will occur when you get water incursion from internal sources such as leaking pipes.  External sources like heavy rainwater and flooding become a problem when ceiling tiles, walls, rugs, floors, furniture and equipment become wet and stay that way for extended lengths of time.  

When you have a leak in the roof or window, or a pipe bursts, it’s easy to see.  Dampness isn’t so obvious when damaged building materials or water sources aren’t seen such as wet insulation in a ceiling or wall.  Indoor dampness can cause or exacerbate health problems because it can cause the growth of bacteria and mold, attract insects such as cockroaches, rodents and dust mites and cause a release of volatile organic compounds from wet building materials.  

Avoid Mold Problems: Fix Water Damage Leaks Fast

The best way to avoid the problems mold can cause is to fix water damage leaks right away.  

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