It is crucial to understand that mold can cause severe damage to your property's structural integrity and environmental safety. If left untreated, the colony growth can spread rapidly, making it difficult to manage independently. Lightspeed Restoration can help clean and restore your home to its original condition, especially when the mold growth exceeds the small square footage entities like the EPA suggest homeowners can manage independently. 

Where Is Mold Most Dangerous? 

The need for mold remediation in Bunnell homes and businesses might not always be as apparent as you think. Worse, misinformation might lead you to believe threats to your home like this could go away naturally. In truth, mold development can be a considerable hazard to your household:

  • Structural Integrity – Mold feeds on your home's materials and can harm the structure as it spreads.

  • Indoor Air Quality - Mold can cause severe health issues due to its byproducts, such as strong odors, concentrated spores, and toxic substances known as mycotoxins.

  • Hidden Concerns – When mold grows in hidden places, it can become a problem before it surfaces.

Mold Damage Remediation Solutions 

There are several methods for cooking an egg, and similarly, there are numerous ways to deal with mold growth in your house. Our skilled team swiftly assesses the property's conditions and identifies the most effective remediation technique.

  • Surface Cleaning 

This method kills mold spores instantly upon contact, rendering the surface uninhabitable. It is the least invasive of the remediation and recovery options. 

  • Sanding

Mechanical action and light abrasion, such as sanding, can effectively remove mold that has penetrated beyond the outermost layer of building materials that surface cleaning cannot reach.

  • Dry Ice 

Pressurized air or water, along with products like sodium bicarbonate, can destroy mold without harming the material hosting the organism.

  • Controlled Demolition 

When we cannot use most remediation strategies, our backup plan is to remove all damaged materials.

Repairs of All Types by Lightspeed

We offer a comprehensive repair and build-back service to tackle any conditions that could lead to damp, moldy areas in your home. Our team of experienced contractors can efficiently repair, reconstruct, and finish work to restore your home to its pre-mold condition. You can count on us to handle any mold disaster with the utmost professionalism and expertise.

Take charge of the situation, and don't let mold and microbial threats ruin your home. Contact our experienced Lightspeed Restoration remediation team at (904) 689-8746 immediately to start cleaning up your home and restoring it to its former state.

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