In Neptune Beach, the impact of heavy storms can lead to severe flood damage scenarios. Even a minimal flood, with just an inch of water, can cause an average of $25,000 in property damages. Additionally, floodwater can wick up materials like drywall, wall studs, furniture framing, and upholstery fibers and potentially compromise the home’s electrical system.

Technicians’ Considerations for Performing Flood Cleanup

The flood damage cleanup process considers several critical factors, including the amount of standing water, the extent of damage to structural materials and contents, and the presence of contaminants such as sewage, pests, and other debris. Each aspect requires a tailored approach to return the home to a safe and sanitary condition. Professional restoration teams plan restoration around a deep knowledge of structural drying theory, tried-and-true mitigation techniques, and commercial-grade equipment to address these challenges.

Steps Homeowners Can Take to Prepare for Professional Flood Mitigation

For homeowners facing flood damage, taking proactive steps can aid in making the cleanup process more streamlined and safe. Once home occupants are safe after a flood, homeowners should contact insurers about filing a claim. Additionally, engaging a professional restoration firm early on after filing a claim is vital. These firms can document the damage extensively and create detailed content inventories during a pack-out, allowing for offsite restoration of personal items while the structural cleanup is underway. This process also aids claims filing, as restoration firms can coordinate with claims adjusters during cleanup.

Lightspeed Restoration's Flood Cleanup Services

When it comes time to clean the damages, our technicians can implement flood cuts on flood-damaged drywall 18 inches above the water line to remove contaminated material and address potential contamination in wall studs and other structural components. We use EPA-registered antimicrobial solutions to sanitize affected areas thoroughly and can remove any remaining standing water on the property with portable and truck-mounted extraction solutions. Additionally, our team employs air movement and dehumidification units to dry out excess moisture after extraction and preliminary decontamination measures. Once the space is dry, odor control professionals can use scented granule trays, time-release odor counteractants, and ultra-low volume foggers to eliminate residual flood-related odors.

If your home has suffered flood damage, contact Lightspeed Restoration of East Duval County at (904) 204-9979. Our team is ready to restore your home and its belongings to a pre-disaster condition at any time of the day or night.