In Daytona Beach, a minor household mishap, like a ceiling pipe leak, can lead to significant water damage over time. Even a tiny perforation in plumbing can introduce gallons of water per day into a home's structure. Eventually, this moisture saturates drywall and can leak onto the floor below. While the tiles on the floor may withstand water exposure, they are susceptible to staining. Swollen, waterlogged grout can potentially warp and damage tiles as well. In such situations, the expertise of certified water damage restoration technicians is a must for thoroughly removing excess moisture from the property.

Inspection Tools Enhance Water Restoration Planning

Understanding the extent of water damage requires specialized tools to detect moisture levels in surfaces and the air. Moisture sensors use contact to determine the presence of moisture in surfaces like drywall and wood. Thermal imaging cameras, meanwhile, assess the property for temperature changes consistent with water damage behind walls and other structural materials. Thermohygrometers determine air temperature and humidity, which is crucial for formulating a restoration strategy. 

Implementing Water Cleanup with Specialized Tools

The restoration process can begin after technicians have determined the extent of the damage and formulated a plan for tackling it. This process involves carefully demolishing unsalvageable drywall and water extraction using mops, wet/dry vacuums, and portable extractors. After multiple passes with extraction tools, structural drying for a ceiling leak is facilitated through meticulously positioned air movers and dehumidifiers, which help stabilize the environment by pulling the remaining moisture into the air and isolating it for disposal. Additionally, odor control and thorough cleaning are achieved using ultra-low volume foggers and EPA-registered cleaning solutions.

Additional Water Damage Restoration Services Lightspeed Restoration Offers

Lightspeed Restoration technicians can perform all phases of water damage recovery, including the initial inspection, water extraction, and structural drying. Our team goes beyond addressing immediate damage to structures; we also ensure that home contents, such as upholstery, area rugs, drapes, and wood furniture, are carefully dried and restored. This comprehensive approach mitigates the impact of water damage, ensuring that every aspect of your home can return to its pre-damage condition as smoothly as possible.

If you're facing water damage challenges, contact Lightspeed Restoration of Daytona Beach at (386) 232-5359. Our team can respond to your restoration needs 24 hours a day.