Fireplace fires can cause unique damage in Hammond homes, especially around the fireplace itself. Soot and smoke residue can stain painted walls, unpleasant odors can linger, and brick and stone surfaces require unique cleaning methods. Here's how Lightspeed Restoration tackles these challenges:

Restoring Painted Walls After a Fire

Soot and smoke can easily discolor painted walls near a fireplace. Our Lightspeed professionals use gentle cleaning solutions specifically formulated to remove smoke stains without harming the paint itself. This step is crucial to prevent permanent discoloration and restore the beauty of your room.

Eliminating Smoke Odors

Smoke odors from a fire can be persistent and difficult to eliminate on your own. Lightspeed uses advanced odor control techniques like thermal fogging and ozone treatment. These methods effectively neutralize odor molecules, leaving your home smelling fresh and clean again.

Cleaning Brick and Stone Fireplaces

Brick and stone are particularly susceptible to smoke damage due to their porous nature. Lightspeed professionals use specialized methods like dry ice blasting and chemical sponges to remove deeply embedded soot without damaging the delicate surfaces. This thorough cleaning not only improves aesthetics but also prevents long-term damage caused by acidic soot residue.

A Comprehensive Approach to Fireplace Fire Damage Restoration

Lightspeed Restoration understands the complexities of fireplace fire damage.  Our team uses modern tools and techniques to address every aspect, from cleaning walls and controlling odors to restoring brick and stone fireplaces to their original condition.

Working with Your Insurance

We understand the importance of navigating the insurance claim process. Lightspeed will work directly with your adjuster to ensure all restoration actions are approved, minimizing the burden on you.

When Fire Strikes, Call Lightspeed

If your Hammond home suffers fire damage, don't wait. Contact Lightspeed Restoration at (985) 323-6356. Our team will use proven methods to remove smoke damage and odors, restoring your home to its pre-fire condition.

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