Lightspeed Provides Effective Water Damage Cleanup to Businesses

Leaks and burst pipes can rapidly overwhelm open office spaces. Multiple rooms can be impacted within a brief period, forcing you to cease operations until experienced water restoration experts clean up the mess. We offer a custom recovery experience tailored to your property, its damage, and your business's priorities.

Water damage restoration following more significant commercial losses is an area of expertise for our Lightspeed team. We have industrial-grade equipment that manages multiple points simultaneously with extraction, drying, and deodorization. Our reliable experts also utilize temporary power solutions like trailered generators if needed.

The Lightspeed Restoration team has earned the trust of numerous businesses due to our fast and reliable service. We understand the urgency of restoration projects, which is why our professionals are available around the clock and ready to respond promptly. From mitigating losses to initiating the intricate cleaning and drying processes required for your business, we ensure that action is taken swiftly and efficiently.


  • Fast  - A reliable trait of our Lightspeed Restoration team is how responsive we are. Our professionals are available 24/7 to get boots on the ground for mitigating loss and starting the often-intricate cleaning and drying processes required for your business.
  • Customer-Focused - When you talk, we listen. Not every restoration project is the same. Production loss mitigation may be a high priority. We are easy to work with and communicate with you at every step to inform you of what to expect and the restoration timeline.
  • Insurance-Approved - We are well-versed in insurance work and are already familiar with the documentation requirements for claim approval. In addition, we can work with adjusters to complete repairs and recovery work promptly.


Phase One: Removal

Standing water poses a significant threat to the structural integrity of your building. That's why Lightspeed Restoration professionals prioritize removing all pooling liquid as the first critical step of the mitigation process. We employ a systematic approach with pumps and wet vacuums and then utilize squeegee wands and mops to remove all water.

Phase Two: Drying 

Drying comes next and can involve dozens of tools from our inventory. The basics of structural drying involve promoting evaporation on the surface of wet materials by manipulating the temperature in your office space and introducing blasts of air with high-velocity blowers.

The second focus of the drying process is addressing moisture in the environment. Using machines like air movers increases relative humidity and moisture, making drying processes and recovery efforts slower. The strategic placement of dehumidifiers captures these airborne water and discharges them safely to maintain steady evaporative drying production.

Phase Three: Cleaning and Replacement 

Cleaning is the final step of the restoration process for your business. With the structure dried, we evaluate the remaining needs to get your facilities operational once more. For our restoration team, the process often comes down to two distinct focuses: surface cleaning and reinstalling missing structural elements. Surface cleaning introduces chemical agents and antimicrobial products to soiled materials to reduce the threats of mold development. Some locations also provide any reconstruction services needed following the restoration process.

Lightspeed Restoration is a trusted name to help clean up and dry your damaged office building after a leak. Water damage spreads fast through areas of your building, but our extensive training and hands-on experience stay one step ahead of the migration to get your doors back open again quickly. When water damage impacts your business, fast recovery is right in our name.