Whenever a sewage backup occurs in your home, you must act fast to begin cleanup and restoration. Such incidents are always considered an emergency as sewage, or blackwater, contains bacteria, viruses, and microbes that are potential hazards. Additionally, any blocked piping can bring about substantial property damage. Lightspeed Restoration is available around the clock to help return your home to pre-damage condition.

Never Attempt DIY Sewage Removal

Attempting DIY sewage cleanup is never advisable. Attempting to handle sewage yourself is not only unpleasant but can expose you to health risks. Hiring skilled technicians is the safest and most effective way to tackle any sewage-related incident in your home. Lightspeed Restoration’s certified technicians have the proper training, equipment, and methods for safe, thorough removal. We act quickly to contain the backup, assess the extent of infiltration, and remediate all impacted areas of your home, even eliminating lingering odors using proven techniques.

What Causes a Sewage Backup?

Some potential causes of a sewage blockage or backup can be hard to detect, while some can be easy to prevent. These are some of the common causes of sewage-related incidents:

  • Nature Infiltration – Roots from nearby trees and shrubs can enter pipes within fractures or at the joints. 
  • Local Surges or Backups – If your municipality encounters a backup in the sewer lines, wastewater can begin to flow out of lower openings. This may mean a backup in your basement or lower level.
  • Solid Blockage – If you have solid items that make their way down into your drains, it can cause a clog or significant block. These items may include plastic, garbage, diapers, and other debris. 

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No matter the cause of the issue, Lightspeed Restoration is here for all your residential sewage removal needs. Call us day or night at 800.620.4009 to initiate services. We can quickly mobilize a crew to your home with specialized equipment and the proper methods to solve your issue.

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