Storms can strike instantly regardless of where you live, leaving your commercial property vulnerable to damage. Strong winds, heavy rainfall, and other fallout from natural disasters can cause lost revenue and downtime for your employees. Having skilled technicians readily available makes all the difference, which is where our Lightspeed Restoration team comes in – we get you back to business fast!

Trusted Disaster Response Services When You Need It

At Lightspeed Restoration, we understand the importance of swift action and comprehensive restoration solutions. We provide commercial restoration services and disaster response to assist local businesses recovering from weather events such as:

  • Hurricanes – Events that bring high winds and sometimes flooding that could significantly impact your business.
  • Thunderstorms – Common severe weather events often accompanied by heavy rain, strong wind, and hail, sometimes generating roof damage and flooding.
  • Tornadoes – While less frequent, tornadoes are highly destructive and cause widespread damage, often destroying all or part of your business.
  • Flooding – These events result from storm surges, heavy rain, or both, damaging structural and interior content. 

Statistics Reported by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

According to FEMA, roughly 40% of small businesses cannot reopen after severe weather events and natural disasters. You can protect your business continuity while returning to normal with assistance from Lightspeed Restoration’s IICRC-certified technicians and proven disaster response protocols. 

Our Steps for Commercial Weather Damage Restoration

The Lightspeed Restoration team follows a series of protocols to restore commercial properties impacted by weather-related damage. 

  • Initial Assessment – Our crew chief carefully evaluates the damage to formulate a mitigation, cleaning, and restoration plan. 
  • Damage Mitigation – We work to minimize property damage by isolating impacted areas and security doors, roofing, and windows with tarp up and boarding services. 
  • Contents Packout – The team carefully packs up and removes equipment, documents, and other items for storage and restoration. 
  • Water Removal Services and Drying – We use specialized equipment to extract water and dry surfaces to help prevent mildew and mold growth.
  • Cleaning and Deodorizing – Excess moisture can leave behind foul odors with water-related events such as storms and natural disasters. We use antimicrobials and EPA-registered cleaning agents to disinfect your interior thoroughly. Our crew also utilizes specialized HEPA filters and thermal foggers to remove residual malodors. 

Services Commercial Properties Can Trust

Lightspeed Restoration is proud to supply end-to-end services for all area commercial properties impacted by storms, flooding, and other natural disasters. Our IICRC-certified technicians have the training to handle contaminated water and other potential hazards related to disaster cleanup. We are available 24/7, so you know you have a trusted liaison to help whenever your business suffers from wind damage, hail, hurricanes, and more. 

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Our 24/7/365 support services help ensure you have a trusted partner standing by to address all your commercial restoration needs. Lightspeed Restoration understands the costly and disruptive nature of storm damage, and our goal is to restore your everyday operations as soon as possible. We have the experience you can count on, so contact our customer care team today at (800) 620-4009 to schedule our crew for disaster response!

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