Lightspeed Professionals Work Fast to Help

Fires can develop quickly in commercial properties, from disastrous break room cooking to an overloaded circuit. While you rely on first responders to swiftly extinguish the flames, you also need a responsive and dependable team to initiate immediate mitigation and carry out a comprehensive restoration process.

Lightspeed Restoration provides fire damage restoration for office buildings and large manufacturing facilities alike. We are a trusted name for rapid restoration work, effective mitigation, and emergency services. 24/7 availability ensures you get experience and knowledge at your doorstep when firefighters depart. Our reputation in the area grows because we are:

  • Responsive 

After a fire, time is critical. Unfortunately, the situation worsens when mitigation and cleanup do not begin immediately. However, with an experienced roster of professionals only a click or phone call away, you do not have to wait for the help you need.


  • Caring

We are mindful of how much your business means to you and the stress of having all or a portion of your production stalled by a disaster. We focus on getting you up and running and prioritizing what matters most to you.


  • Easy to Work With 

Post-fire cleanup in offices and facilities involves many stages. We create a custom restoration plan for your building and interface with your insurance company directly to make recovery as streamlined as possible. 

Securing Your Business

Staging and pre-restoration construction are essential phases of fire recovery. Without it, your business can suffer losses after extinguishment as harmful effects migrate to new areas. Our team focuses first on securing the structure with board-up services and containment measures to prevent cross-contamination with clean building rooms.

Removing the Ruined Contents and Materials

Our professionals can assess and catalog damage to the contents and furniture of the business. We offer relocation services to move at-risk items to safer places within the building or our nearby facility for safekeeping and storage until restoration completes. We can also provide on-site cleaning in established staging areas when possible.

Cleaning Up the Air

Ensuring the well-being of both responding technicians and employees is crucial when it comes to environmental conditions. Establishing a secure environment for individuals exposed to these conditions is essential. In order to achieve a favorable indoor air quality as the restoration work commences, we employ HEPA filtration products and equipment. These are designed to capture contaminants and airborne particles such as smoke solids effectively.

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There’s no time to waste when fire damage impacts your business. Choose the responsive and reliable experts of Lightspeed Restoration to help get your doors back open again. We are only a phone call away.