Following a destructive fire event, your household can experience various levels of damage. Choosing a restoration company is a critical part of the process, so you want to ensure that the team you choose can handle all aspects of recovery and repairs, like Lightspeed Restoration of St. Augustine. We have the tools for clearing visible and hidden fire damage and overcoming the formidable smell and soot combustion can leave behind. 

Soot and smoke cleaning for Bunnell properties should begin as soon as possible, as these effects create ongoing structural issues. Not only can you face conditions like wall discoloration, but the corrosivity of soot can ruin surfaces, electronics, and contents. Lightspeed can help with all aspects of the cleanup your house needs after the fire is put out. 

Cleaning Up Smoke and Soot Damage 

Because of the complexity of soot and smoke damage, we must prioritize different concerns when managing the post-fire effects in a home or business. Experienced experts like ours take the time to understand the needs of your property specifically to best employ strategies like:

  • Soot Cleaning 

Soot is a direct byproduct of partial combustion. Surfaces coated in this corrosive and carcinogenic residue must be handled carefully. Lightspeed technicians vacuum loose particles settled on the surfaces and then begin breaking down the residue with solvents. We can often salvage affected surfaces using products like chemical sponges and mechanical action.  

  • Suspended Smoke Particles

Floating particles create a hazardous environment for your family, so our responding Lightspeed team prioritizes addressing them. Using sophisticated tools like HEPA air filters, we can trap suspended smoke solids and soot particles as small as 0.03 microns. This air purification also begins the much-needed deodorization process. 

  • Removing Odors 

While our Lightspeed team can employ several immediate steps, like odor-absorbing materials, to begin lessening the severity of post-fire malodors, full deodorization could involve several machines. We can choose among ozone generators and thermal foggers based on your property's specific needs. 

Lightspeed Restoration: Professional and Reliable Cleanup

Our FSRT-certified technicians are reliable and ready to help you overcome soot and smoke effects spread in your residence. From early mitigation solutions like temporary construction and repairs to long-term solutions like soot cleaning and reconstruction, we are a one-stop shop to help.

Are you facing the after-effects of a recent fire in your Bunnell property? Lightspeed Restoration of St. Augustine is ready 24/7 to help. Call (904) 689-8746.

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