After a fire, the sight of your property can be overwhelming, and the sheer amount of work needed to restore normalcy may seem daunting. Soot and smoke damage create a hazardous environment, making it unsafe for your family. Leaning on the expertise and quick response of professionals like Lightspeed Restoration can help you overcome the challenges of smoke damage efficiently and safely.

Soot Has No Place in Your Home

Cleaning soot and smoke damage in Jacksonville properties is one of the most complex stages of fire recovery. With numerous materials and items affected, multiple approaches are necessary to remedy smoke residues, suspended solids and pervasive burning smells once first responders clear the structure for entry.

Thorough Residue Cleaning

Did you know there are various types of smoke damage? From wet to dry and even protein residues, we have the solutions to address them all. Our process begins with HEPA vacuums to remove loose debris from surfaces, followed by concentrated cleaning products, chemical sponges, and abrasives to clean building materials without causing further damage. If reconstruction is necessary, our contracting team is ready to complete repairs and rebuild.

Protecting Your Belongings

Your home is filled with cherished belongings, and corrosive soot particulates can particularly harm them. Using pack-out processes, we remove contaminated contents and relocate them to our nearby facility for focused cleaning, climate-controlled storage, and deodorization. Once the restoration of your house is complete, we will return all items to their original positions.

Eliminating Smoke Odors

The smell of fire, though less visible than the damage, is a significant challenge for restoration professionals. Our Lightspeed team employs HEPA filters, thermal fogging, and ozone generators to eliminate noxious odors lingering after the fire is extinguished.

Lightspeed Restoration to the Rescue

When fire damage strikes your Jacksonville home, immediate and effective smoke and soot cleaning is crucial. Our rapid response team is ready 24/7 to begin necessary mitigation and smoke remediation steps right away.

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Don't let soot and smoke damage linger—trust Lightspeed Restoration to bring your home back to life!

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