Drywall is pivotal in structural systems for the thousands of condos and homes lining the coast. When fires occur in your residence, these materials are among the most heavily damaged. While it is sometimes possible to restore these components, responding restoration professionals like our Lightspeed Restoration of East Duval County experts must make real-time decisions regarding the salvageability of building materials and the best approach to recovering damaged drywall. 

Fire Damage Cleanup Solutions for Wall Surfaces 

Fire damage restoration for Jacksonville beach properties is a product of many simultaneous approaches. With a crew of individuals capable of managing several fronts, we can effectively work towards an efficient result. Our restoration team can evaluate the condition of painted drywall and determine if it is more cost and time-efficient to remove and replace these materials or attempt to clean them. Cleaning them can involve several stages, such as: 

  • Loose Debris—Like cleaning your floors, you have to ‘sweep up’ or vacuum the loose particulates. Our team utilizes a HEPA-filtered dry vacuum for this process. 

  • Grabbing Soot—Special sponges exist solely to manage and clean soot-covered surfaces. These dry, rubbery chemical sponges make it possible to salvage lightly soiled drywall. 

  • Abrasives – It is also sometimes necessary to use media like crushed walnuts or sodium bicarbonate under pressurized air to blast away soot and smoke residues.  

Lightspeed Restoration of East Duval County is the Solution 

While it can be possible to save drywall in your home that is lightly soiled by soot and smoke particulates, controlled demolition and replacement are also efficient solutions to consider. Having a team of competent and skilled contractors on the roster means that we can rapidly transition to this demolition and build-back approach immediately to prevent the situation from worsening in your residence. 

Don’t waste time with soot-covered drywall. Contact our Lightspeed Restoration of East Duval County experts at (904) 204-9979 for fast, focused cleaning and recovery services after fire damage.

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