As a coastal community, there is no mistaking the potential severity of storm systems reaching the land and impacting condos and households along the shore. A reliable and experienced cleanup team after the storm passes is a valuable asset, especially when they work to secure the structure immediately upon arrival. While cleanup has multiple steps and stages, securing and stabilizing the impacted structure is crucial. 

Fast Mitigation After the Storm Moves On 

Storm damage cleanup for New Smyrna Beach will change from one house to the next. You cannot expect each property to be impacted similarly, so Lightspeed Restoration of Daytona

Beach professionals treat structures on a case-by-case basis regarding their viability of salvaging materials, cleaning up the inside and outside of the building, and performing board-up services. The earliest mitigation actions are likely to impact the pace and efficiency of later cleanup and recovery efforts. These steps include: 

  • Board Up Services – Using thick plywood and tarps to cover damaged windows, holes in the roof system, or other structural vulnerabilities.   

  • Emergency Repairs – Performing time-sensitive shoring on compromised structural elements, controlled demolition, or containment construction. 

  • Extraction – Using vacuums, pumps, and specialty tools to remove standing water and flooding from all areas of the house to avoid further structural compromise. 

Lightspeed Restoration of Daytona Beach Helps Storm Damage Start to Finish 

Your New Smyrna Beach home is never ready for severe storms like hurricanes or tropical depressions. Even with extensive preparation, sometimes these systems out-muscle the weakest portions of your property and create a situation where cleanup, extraction, repairs, and reconstruction are necessary. Fortunately, you have all of these available with the same team of professionals working right here in the neighborhood all the time: Lightspeed Restoration of Daytona Beach. 

Have a plan in place for what you will do when your home, condo, or business suffers storm damage. Vetting professionals and considering your options is challenging when facing the effects of a recent storm, and time is critical to repairing and recovering the structure. You can count on Lightspeed Restoration of Daytona Beach to help after disasters—call us at (386) 232-5359.

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